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Tecnología Qi

Mobile phones have become an indispensable device on our daily bases. We use it to search for places of interest, identify ourselves, surf the Internet, make payments, stay connected, play, etc. Our pace of life and the use that we give to mobile phones makes it difficult for the battery to support a full day. Sometimes, we run out of battery at the most unexpected time. Moreover, when we are away from home it is difficult to find a plug where to charge the phone and few users carry the charger on them.

Práctico y gratuito

Our main objective is to offer a practical and free solution when we are away from home and we need our mobile phones full of battery, without cables or chargers. We focus our efforts on creating the widest possible network of wireless charging bases to be able to locate them from a single App. We are currently working to improve QI wireless charging technology.
We are developing a 2.0 charging base to reduce up to 15% the charging times of any device on the market on this standard.


WiCharge System is committed to truly mobile phone by using wireless charging at all our charging points.

base de carga


cafeterías, oficinas, aeropuertos

Wicharge is creating the largest infrastructure of wireless charging bases scattered throughout places such as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, means of transport, airports and public places, allowing you to charge your mobile wherever you are.


app wicharge

Thanks to the APP Wicharge you can locate and activate the closest charging point to where you are in 2 easy steps. You can also check if the charging point is busy.



Carga Qi

Most phone manufacturers are already joining the global change and implementing QI charging on their devices.